They Got Their Bonfire

The Grenfell Tower inferno is what deregulation looks like. Read more.

Press Gang

The media was exposed in this election as wildly out of touch with the nation. This is not surprising, as it lives in a hall of mirrors. Read more.

Vote in Hope

This election could transform our captured, corrupted nation. The outcome, as ever, belongs to those who turn up Read more.

 Space Savers

We have enough physical and ecological space for public luxury for all. But not enough for private luxury for all. Read more.

Lighten the Darkness

How dark money is subverting democracy in the UK. Read more.

Fell Purpose

The attempt to turn the Lake District into a World Heritage site would be a disaster Read more.

The Destructive Party

Those who claim to be “conservatives” would shred the very fabric of the nation. Read more.

The Case Against Competence

I would rather live with Jeremy Corbyn’s gentle dithering than Theresa May’s brutal efficiency Read more.


A note on the poison gas attack at Khan Sheikhoun, Syria Read more.

Circle of Life

By reframing the economy, Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics changes our view of who we are and where we stand. Read more.

The Problem With Freedom

Freedom is used as the excuse for ripping down public protections on behalf of the very rich. Read more.

Scot Free

Why would Scotland wish to be tethered to the political wasteland south of the border? Read more.

Use IT or Lose it

Digital technologies could be used to destroy democracy, or to save it. Read more.

Car Sick

A short, simple factsheet on the impacts of traffic pollution on children’s health Read more.

Screened Out

For some of those immersed in virtual worlds, everything loses its meaning – even racism and fascism. Read more.

Factory Outlet

My (very controversial) column on the lives for which the schooling system prepares our children. Read more.

All Together Now

This is how to stop demagogues and extremists: rebuild community. Read more.

Primal Thrill

Kayaking with basking sharks provides a glimpse of the wonders we could experience if our seas are rewilded. Read more.

Dark Arts

How a dark money network is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more.

All About That Base

Our democracies are broken, debased and distrusted. Here are some ideas for restoring them. Read more.