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Let’s Do a Monsanto

The government doesn’t really want the GM debate it’s just launched, but let’s give it one anyway

In Memoriam

As our wildlife and ecosystems collapse, remembering is a radical act.


Who do Bono and the ONE campaign really represent: the very poor or the very rich?

Corporate Carve-Up

Under the pretext of preventing hunger, the rich nations are engineering a new scramble for Africa.

Towering Lunacy

Green enthusiasm for vertical farms shows that no one is untouched by magical thinking.

Jump on our Bandwagon

The corporations’ Achilles heel is the environment. It’s time for the left to hit it.

The Covert Biotech War

The corporations seeking to force GM food into reluctant markets are opening new fronts in their internet campaign against their critics.

Corporate Phantoms

New findings reveal a web of deceit around GM food, in which the Prime Minister has now been caught.

Market Force

As free traders shelter behind repressive regimes, GM crops are being driven into reluctant markets