The Mind Hackers

Researchers at public universities are developing new ways of shutting down our capacity for independent thought. Read more.

You Want It Darker?

The remarkable story of how the hard-right Koch brothers funded a Trotskyite splinter group. Read more.


The world’s most powerful nations endorsed the Indonesian occupation of West Papua 50 years ago. Now they have a duty to help bring it to an end. Read more.

Hopeless Realism

No effective means of stopping climate breakdown is deemed “politically realistic”. So we must change political realities. Read more.

In a World of Their Own

By downplaying and misrepresenting our environmental crisis, David Attenborough and the BBC have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance. Read more.

An Electrifying Idea

What if we abandoned photosynthesis as the means of producing food, and released most of the world’s surface from agriculture? Read more.

Rebelling Against Extinction

When governments abandon us, we must step up Read more.

Farmed Out

The government’s Agriculture Bill seeks to replace regulation with public money. Who will contest this new protection racket? Read more.

Personality Cult

The media’s spotlight systematically distorts the way we see the world Read more.

Deathly Silence

We need to get embarrassing about climate breakdown Read more.

Seal of Approval

How an animal welfare charity ended up endorsing seal killing – and what this says about our age Read more.

Honourable Theft

How one young woman broke down the gates of knowledge Read more.

Plastic Soup

The problem is not plastic. It is consumerism. Read more.

My Way Or The Highway

The crucial decisions about major infrastructure are made behind closed doors. Read more.


In 1976, we ate more than we do today. So why are we fatter? Read more.

Invisible Hands

Dark money is undermining our democracies, and it’s never darker than when channelled through lobby groups masquerading as think tanks Read more.

A Revolution Has Begun

The little-known history of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in a New York primary hints at a coming transformation in US politics Read more.

Incompetence By Design

As state bodies are dismantled, corporations are freed to rip the living world apart Read more.

In Memoriam

As our wildlife and ecosystems collapse, remembering is a radical act. Read more.

Sunset for Liberal Democracy

The denial of popular sovereignty by mainstream leaders allows demagogues like Trump to pose as democratic champions. Read more.