Is Stewart Brand the New Ian Plimer?

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Showdown With Plimer

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Correspondence with Ian Plimer

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Channelling the Joy

In defending the natural world, we should be honest about our motivations – it’s love that drives us, not money. Read more.

Eat Meat and Save the World?

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New Weather, New Politics

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The Spectator’s Spectacular Blunder

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Correspondence with Helen Caldicott

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Correspondence with Stewart Brand

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Answer the Sodding Question

Highlights from a furious argument with the climate change denier Ian Plimer. Read more.

Death Denial

Why the sudden surge in climate change denial? Could it be about something else altogether? Read more.

It Doesn’t Get Madder Than This

The Spectator’s new editor has lost it before he even had it. Read more.

Answers Come There None

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Correspondence with the Spectator

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