Year: 2008

The Open Veins of Wales

Dr Beeching helped turn the country I’ve come to love into an outpost of empire. Now his legacy can be reversed.

The Paranoia Squad

A British police unit is demonising peaceful protesters to stay in business.

Pin-Striped Pirates

Why does the UK retain a handful of colonies? To destroy the world’s taxation systems.

At Last, A Date

For the first time, the International Energy Agency has produced a date for peak oil. And it’s not reassuring.

Yvo de Boer Challenged

This is the first in my series of interviews with those who hold our future in their hands. None of them are given an easy time.

Whistling in the Wind

The new climate change report falls miles short of what we need. Here are some of the emergency measures it should have contained.

One Shot Left

The latest science suggests that preventing runaway climate change means total decarbonisation.

Clearing Up This Mess

John Maynard Keynes had the answer to the crisis we’re now facing; but it was blocked and then forgotten.

This Is What Denial Does

The economic crisis is petty by comparison to the nature crunch. But they have the same cause.

The Other Bail-Out

Another set of corporations is pressing for public money. Governments should let them die.

The Price of Free Speech

A grotesque case of legal bullying using a 13th-Century law shows that in some respects we still haven’t shaken off feudalism.

Protect and Survive

Peter Mandelson is bullying the world’s poorest nations into following a development route that can’t work.