Population Panic

The obsession with the birthrates of the poor has a grim history, and is used by the rich to transfer blame. Read more.

Lying In State

History, as the government tells it, is one long lie, airbrushing a host of atrocities. Read more.

Performative Oppression

The government proposes the cultural cleansing of the Romani and Traveller life from Britain. Read more.

Screened Out

For some of those immersed in virtual worlds, everything loses its meaning – even racism and fascism. Read more.

China Syndrome

We should stop recycling the old “Yellow Peril” myth. The people most hostile to action on climate change are American and British, not Chinese. Read more.

As It Happened …

A letter to the Travellers’ Solidarity Network. Read more.

The Holocaust We Will Not See

Avatar half-tells a story we would all prefer to forget Read more.

The New Chauvinism

Why should I love this country? Read more.

Adventure playground

Africans have good reason to be suspicious of British involvement in their affairs Read more.

The Immigrants the Tabloids Love

The rightwing campaign against economic migrants may not be as irrational as it appears. Read more.

Acceptable Hatred

Beneath the enduring hostility to Gypsies lies an ancient envy of the nomadic life Read more.

Black Shirts in Green Trousers

The far right is moving in, and greens and globalisation campaigners must do more to shut it out. Read more.

Race War

Racial profiling threatens to widen the conflict for which Bush and Blair are preparing. Read more.

We Share the Blame for Zimbabwe

Britain’s Debt to its People Runs into Billions Read more.

Criminally Different

Travelling people are being hounded out of existence Read more.

Supporting Racism

The Government claims to be stamping it out: in truth it is encouraging it Read more.

Tribal Politics

The British National Party reinvents itself Read more.

Britain’s Ethnic Cleansing

Gypsy culture is being systematically eliminated through a forced assimilation programme Read more.

Britain’s Cultural Cleansing

Our treatment of gypsies and travellers reveals Little England at its worst: mean-spirited, vindictive and narrow-minded. Read more.