Category: landrights & planning

Don’t Move, Don’t Stop

The Police Bill would criminalise an entire minority: it’s as if nothing has been learnt from the 20th Century.

The Best-Laid Plans

The Conservatives promised that communities could reshape their own towns. As the shocking case of Totnes shows, it’s a con.

Ground Rules

We cannot build our way out of the environmental crisis.

The Home Front

People who own second homes cause homelessness and community death. Yet the government rewards them with lavish subsidies and tax breaks.

Finding Our Feet

Landed power, built on theft, slavery and colonial looting, crushes our freedoms. It is time to reclaim them.

Permanent Lockdown

We have been shut out of most of the UK’s open land for centuries. It’s time this changed.

Private Taxation

Governments have built a heaven for landlords and a hell for tenants. It’s time to change the system.


Our new report puts forward transformative proposals for taking back control of the land.

The Fortifying Commons

In the first of a series of columns about possible solutions, I explore how commons could transform society and the distribution of wealth

Home Ground

Britain’s housing crisis won’t end until we face some uncomfortable truths

Wiping the World Clean

The Ecomodernists launching their manifesto today propose solutions that are both ignorant and brutal.

Common Purpose

What better symbol of a regenerating Scotland could there be than a new network of national parks?

The Child Inside

Children are being airbrushed from our towns and cities. No wonder they stay indoors.

Breaking the Silence

It’s time to bring the Highland Spring south, and, like Scotland, introduce democracy to this quasi-feudal nation.

Towering Imbroglio

Is the government preparing to dispose of our forests and other public land?


The point of current housing policy is to sustain a system built on injustice.