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Out of the Wreckage

A New Politics for an Age of Crisis By George Monbiot. Published by Verso Books.


Searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding By George Monbiot. Published October 2013 by Allen Lane, Penguin Press.


How to stop the planet burning

The Age of Consent

A manifesto for a new world order By George Monbiot. Published October 2003 by Harper Perennial. Now published with additional material in paperback. REVIEWS: “Clear, elegant, radical and imaginative, The Age of Consent is a book that not only challenges us to question the status quo, but also inspires us to want to change it.” […]

Captive State

The corporate takeover of Britain By George Monbiot. Published 2000. George Monbiot uncovers what many have suspected but few have been able to prove: that corporations have become so powerful they now threaten the foundations of democratic government. Many of the stories he recounts have never been told before, and they could scarcely be more […]

Poisoned Arrows

An investigative journey through the forbidden lands of West Papua