Category: religion

Sex Pests

Who is most responsible for high abortion rates? The religious right.

Danger Mice

Beware of politicians making themselves look big by inflating security threats

Channelling the Joy

In defending the natural world, we should be honest about our motivations – it’s love that drives us, not money.

Double Erasure

A shocking case of denial highlights the problem that Catholics – and Pope Francis – have with history.

Cardinal Sins

How a modern Inquisition, with the help of Pope Francis, stifled the movement protecting the poor.

Putting the Pope on Trial

International law presents a radical challenge to the powerful: they could be judged by the same standards as the rest of us.

An Inside Job

Who brought down the cooling towers in South Yorkshire?


Religious conservatives are responsible for high abortion rates

Short Changed

9/11 conspiracism is dragging activists away from the real issues

Better off without Him

New research suggests that the Christian virtues are best represented in godless societies

A Life With No Purpose

Darwin tells us that we are no more than assemblages of complex molecules. We should celebrate this.

God of the Soil

Only when nomads settled on fertile land did the notion of progress take root

Apocalypse Please

US policy towards the Middle East is driven by a rarefied form of madness. It’s time we took it seriously.

Is the Pope Gay?

How else can we explain his virulent campaign against homosexuals?

God versus Greens

Environmentalists are foolishly following Prince Charles over the spiritual abyss.