Category: globalisation

Sold Out

The government intends to use a US trade deal to bypass democracy, override Parliament and rip down our public protections.

Sunset for Liberal Democracy

The denial of popular sovereignty by mainstream leaders allows demagogues like Trump to pose as democratic champions.

Resisting Resistance

A US-UK trade deal threatens to export the horrors of US corporate livestock production

Rogue State

How the guardians of nationhood conspire in its destruction.

Game of Chicken

Global trade once made us rich. Now it unleashes a full-spectrum assault on our well-being.

Dark Arts

How a dark money network is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic.

Here They Come Again

Corporate lobbyists and their captive governments try to wear down our resistance with one fake trade treaty after another.

So Much For Sovereignty

To this government, “taking back control” means handing Britain to a different set of foreign powers

Roots in the Rubble

The decision to leave the EU is a disaster, but also a great opportunity for renewal

Leave Well Alone

Those who want to leave the EU refuse to make the most crushing argument against it. Here’s why.

Money’s Reach

The European Union looks thoroughly rotten – until you compare it to the alternatives.

The Lesser Evil

I am starting to hate the European Union. But I will vote to stay in.

How to Build a Crisis

Banks and corporations are being liberated from the rule of law, and are ripping the world apart.

Disinventing Democracy

The assault on Greece is just the latest episode in a long history of shutting down choice on behalf of the financial elite.

Trade Secrets

Why will no one answer the obvious, massive question about TTIP?

All Give and No Take

Do those negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership have any interest in democracy? Here’s a test.

Elite Insurgency

The real threat to the national interest comes from the rich and powerful