Revolt of the Robots

How we can find meaning, purpose and pride when the workplace no longer offers them Read more.

The Drums of War

The combination of automation, complexity and climate change is dangerous in ways we haven’t even begun to grasp. Read more.

Curb Your Malthusiasm

Vilification of the unemployed as scroungers and skivers has a long and grisly heritage. Read more.


Surrender your freedom, avoid daylight, live to work, and you too could join a toxic, paranoid elite. Read more.


Theft through excessive rewards: that’s the dominant business model. Read more.

Snow Jobs

The employment figures attached to large projects tend to be codswallop. Read more.

Union With the Devil

The trade unions still rage about the class war, but keep funding their class enemies. Read more.

A Vehicle for Equality

Would Rover not have been better off as a workers’ co-operative? Read more.

Too Soft on Crime

The government is letting the corporate killers walk free. Read more.

The Flight to India

The jobs Britain stole from the Asian subcontinent 300 years ago are now returning. Is this a good thing or a bad one? Read more.

The Official Opposition

The trades unions need have no fear of flexing their muscles: we now depend on them to fight the government Read more.

Wreckers Unite

Labour has become the workers’ enemy. It’s time the unions stopped funding it Read more.

The Billion-Dollar Bonus

We Need a Global Maximum Wage Read more.

Chained to the Past

The thousands of car workers about to be made redundant are the victims of the policies designed to help them. Read more.

Life in the Balance Sheet

Corporations in Britain get away with murder Read more.

Slave Labour

Cutting benefits will undermine society Read more.

A Nation of Suckers

Why do we believe what the superstores tell us? Read more.

Shooting the Messenger

The Health and Safety Executive isn’t working: so instead it tries to silence its critics Read more.