Category: culture

Off Brand

Russell Brand’s grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

The Art of Life

Why is life treated as less valuable than the depiction of life?

Organised Lying

Almost everyone in public life participates in the assault on truth.

Spirited Away

How the counterculture fell prey to the far-right’s conspiracy theories.

Oil Spots

The Science Museum’s new exhibition on climate breakdown is funded by an oil company. What could possibly go wrong?

A Zombie Love Story

All over the world, mutual aid groups have blossomed where governments have failed, as people support each other through the pandemic.

Outer Turmoil

Our toxic political system produces toxic leaders. We should design a system that rewards kindness and honesty.


Fearful masculinity harms both men and women. There are better ways of growing up.

Contrary to Reason

Steven Pinker claims to champion Enlightenment values. But his latest book is an affront to them

The Lie of the Land

The Lake District’s world heritage status reveals a widespread betrayal of the living world, by both conservation groups and the UN

Black Box

Unesco’s tragicomic aversion to public engagement.

Screened Out

For some of those immersed in virtual worlds, everything loses its meaning – even racism and fascism.

All Together Now

This is how to stop demagogues and extremists: rebuild community.

Imaginary Friends

Celebrity is not harmless fun – it’s the lieutenant of exploitation.

Talking Cure

Only by crossing social boundaries and coming together can we resist the forces that threaten to crush us.