Category: culture

People With Eyes

Why the Maasai came to believe that tourists have the evil eye.

Acceptable Cruelty

Why is it still acceptable to send young children to boarding school?

Grubbing Out the Past

Britain’s archaeology is being obliterated – often with the help of archaeologists – yet hardly anyone seems to care

We Aren’t Robots

The extraordinary work of the neurobiologist Antonio Damasio shows that wisdom is inextricable from emotion

Britain’s Cultural Cleansing

Our treatment of gypsies and travellers reveals Little England at its worst: mean-spirited, vindictive and narrow-minded.

Subversive Genius

Roads protesters are bringing art and necessity back together, sowing the seeds of cultural renewal

The Astromancer

Did Ledumen, the celebrated Samburu prophet, know I was coming to visit him three months before I decided to do so?