Category: environment and the natural world

Down the Drain

Sewage pollution by the water companies is just one of the deadly attacks on our rivers.

Wealth of Nature

How has Costa Rica managed to restore its natural wonders, while big, rich nations fail?

Pipe Dream

Pumping water from one messed-up catchment to another solves nothing. We need to fix our problems at source.

Hard Landing

A self-perpetuating political spiral is blocking the easier ways of preventing environmental collapse.

Protection Racket

The more destructive the business, the more likely it is to enjoy political protection.

Malignant Growth

An obsession with economic growth is driving us towards catastrophe.

The Sacking of Britain

Liz Truss’s destruction of the fabric of our nation is not an accident. It’s the design.

Willing the End

On both sides of the Atlantic, powerful interests seem determined to trigger the collapse of life on Earth. Why?

Shit Creek

New revelations show how one of the most treasured rivers in Europe is being killed by intensive livestock farms.

Pirates of the North Sea

The government’s attempt to hide a toxic waste disaster heralds a new bonanza for organised crime.

Muckraking Journalism

When sewage treatment goes right, it’s just as harmful as when it goes wrong. Here are the shocking reasons why.

Carbon Colonialism

Predatory corporations are making a mockery of natural climate solutions, as they grab land and bamboozle the public.

Holey Ghosts

Powerful evidence suggests that fishing fleets are deliberately dumping their used nets and lines at sea, threatening the complete collapse of marine ecosystems.

What a Carve Up

Border walls are as harmful to ecology as they are to humanity.

Cleaning Up

Thanks to disgraceful government failures, an illegal waste-dumping mafia is now burning and burying millions of tonnes of dangerous materials.

Level Down

The living world is being hit by everything at once: the only way to stop our full-spectrum assault on Earth systems is to reduce our economic activity.

Noble Rot

Protecting the natural world means creating tomorrow’s ancient habitats.


Our team uncovers the remarkable, but scarcely understood, truth about river pollution.

This Stinks

Our rivers and seas are being transformed into open sewers by greedy business and useless governments.

Sea Change

At last people are waking up to the fishing industry’s devastating impacts.