Category: environment and the natural world

The One Reliable Pipeline

The tricks and scams which enable the offshore owners of England’s water companies to clean up, while leaving us with their mess.

Chemicals Warfare

Outside the European Union, the UK is becoming a dumping ground for toxic substances.

The Long Wait

Here are the big green policies Labour should adopt.


Toxic chemicals deliberately added to sewage are being spread across a vast area of farmland, with potentially catastrophic effects. We’re suing the government to stop it.

The Flickering

Earth systems are being rushed towards their tipping points by governments that offer us nothing but chaos.


The mass release and shooting of pheasants trashes our ecosystems – and our humanity.

The Bird Cage

The remarkable story behind the disciplining of a major charity shows how power really works.

Six Legs Good

My very amateur photos of some magnificant creatures in the French Alps.

The Unhowled Land

Without wolves or lynx, our ecosystems remain barren, depleted and overrun by proliferating deer.

Scapegoat Season

Instead of addressing our multiple ecological disasters, those with power are attacking wildlife defenders.

Sacré Vert

French environmental action puts the UK to shame.

Down the Drain

Sewage pollution by the water companies is just one of the deadly attacks on our rivers.

Wealth of Nature

How has Costa Rica managed to restore its natural wonders, while big, rich nations fail?

Pipe Dream

Pumping water from one messed-up catchment to another solves nothing. We need to fix our problems at source.

Hard Landing

A self-perpetuating political spiral is blocking the easier ways of preventing environmental collapse.

Protection Racket

The more destructive the business, the more likely it is to enjoy political protection.

Malignant Growth

An obsession with economic growth is driving us towards catastrophe.

The Sacking of Britain

Liz Truss’s destruction of the fabric of our nation is not an accident. It’s the design.