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Green Shoots

The Greens are the only party with a chance of winning seats that is not beholden to oligarchic power.

Pantomime Season

An election is a device for maximising conflict and minimising democracy.

How to Sell a Child

There’s a new asset class being traded between corporations. It’s called children in care.

The Day That Never Comes

Thanks to neoliberalism, government in the UK feels like one long trick played on the people.

The One Reliable Pipeline

The tricks and scams which enable the offshore owners of England’s water companies to clean up, while leaving us with their mess.

Casting Out Angels

Peaceful protesters are facing extreme and multiple punishments for the same offence: the offence of trying to defend Earth systems.

Moo Woo

What we want to believe and what is true are seldom the same thing.

Small Revolution

A remarkable political innovation in Devon could be the beginning of a new politics.

Chemicals Warfare

Outside the European Union, the UK is becoming a dumping ground for toxic substances.

First, Do No Harm

The appalling mistreatment of ME/CFS patients continues, based on the myth that it’s all in the mind.

Dry Run

The mega-droughts in Spain and the US are a portent of a gathering global water crisis.

Outrage Farming

What led the Prime Minister to join a protest against his own government’s policies?