The Mind Hackers

Researchers at public universities are developing new ways of shutting down our capacity for independent thought. Read more.

One Rolex Short of Contentment

Materialism promises satisfaction. It delivers despair. Read more.

Spend, Don’t Mend.

Advertising and consumerism dull our capacity for empathy. Read more.

Suckled on Lies

The case for banning advertisements aimed at children is overwhelming. Read more.

The Gift of Death

Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it. Read more.

Sucking Out Our Brains Through Our Eyes

Advertising trashes our happiness and trashes the planet. And my income depends on it. Read more.

Selling Ecocide

Is it time to consider a ban on the adverts which help to cook the planet? Read more.

Not What It Says on the Tin

Even in the rich nations, the babymilk manufacturers are undermining breastfeeding Read more.

Willy Loman Syndrome

Young people are being torn apart by the gulf between expectation and reality. Is it any wonder that rates of mental illness are rising? Read more.

Feeding Crime

If governments really want to improve law and order, they should ban adverts for junk food Read more.

The Net Censors

The democratic potential of the new media is being blocked by the companies providing the technology. Read more.

The Fake Persuaders

Companies are creating false citizens to try to change the way we think Read more.

A Corporate Aristocracy

Market values are in direct conflict with the ethics of public service Read more.

Dying of Consumption

The more we spend, the happier we become. Probably. Read more.

No Politics Please

How Britain’s advertising rules forbid us to hear the bad news about business Read more.

New Labour, Old Feudalism

You can stuff your voluntary access agreements: we want the right to roam Read more.

Pester Power

Father Christmas has become an enemy of the people, as advertisers exploit parents for all they’re worth Read more.

Dinosaur Foresters

The Timber Trade Federation is trying to turn back the clock on forest protection Read more.

Greens Must Be Whiter Than White

We’re in danger of succumbing to the cynical politics of advertising Read more.