Category: health

Chemicals Warfare

Outside the European Union, the UK is becoming a dumping ground for toxic substances.

First, Do No Harm

The appalling mistreatment of ME/CFS patients continues, based on the myth that it’s all in the mind.

The System, Unmasked

Clinically vulnerable people are among the many realities denied in the endless drive for “normality”.

Lying Through Their Teeth

What the government has done to NHS Dentistry is what it wants to do to the rest of our public services.

Covid Roulette

Your next infection could be the one that permanently disables you.

Bleeding Out

Thanks to systemic and deliberate underfunding, NHS Emergency departments are now a vision of hell.

Burning Shame

Woodburning stoves are a beguiling but disastrous mistake.


The government has gone to extreme lengths to close our borders to refugees and people seeking work, yet has left them wide open to Covid-19.

Oral Transmission

How I became a human plague – and stumbled into one of the most astonishing scientific stories I’ve ever encountered.

Viral Lies

Some falsehoods about the pandemic are so dangerous that they should be banned.


Long Covid is devastating the health and lives of many thousands of people, and highlights the terrible neglect of patients with chronic conditions such as ME/CFS.


It is hard to imagine how the government’s handling of the pandemic could have been more catastrophic.  

Lessons Unlearnt

Privatisation, outsourcing, packed classrooms and a total government failure to make them safe expose schools to deadly levels of infection.

A Total Fiasco

England’s response to the coronavirus pandemic now relies on unskilled teenaged call centre workers, taking the place of experienced clinicians.

Without Trace

The huge amount of public money spent on test and trace has been wasted by incompetent private contractors and executives, with devastating results.

Contract Killers

Coronavirus deals worth billions of pounds have been awarded by the government to “unusual” companies, without advertising or competition.

Culpable Negligence

The disastrous collapse of the UK’s pandemic response has been caused by the deliberate evisceration of our health services. Worse is coming.

The Machine Stops

The government knowingly and deliberately de-prepared the UK, even as the pandemic began to bite.

Prescription for Disaster

In the UK, the US and Australia, governments built on dirty money cannot be trusted to protect us from the coronavirus.