Category: corporate power

How to Sell a Child

There’s a new asset class being traded between corporations. It’s called children in care.

The Day That Never Comes

Thanks to neoliberalism, government in the UK feels like one long trick played on the people.


How do HS2 and other white elephants get commissioned? It’s clientelism – the subtle form of corruption.

What’s Your Poison?

Why do we put up with daily assaults on our health? It has everything to do with corporate power.

The Bird Cage

The remarkable story behind the disciplining of a major charity shows how power really works.

Hell Holes

Fossil fuel companies walk away from the lands they have devastated, often without paying a penny to restore them.


This government runs on dirty money. That’s why it’s torching the planet.

Pipe Dream

Pumping water from one messed-up catchment to another solves nothing. We need to fix our problems at source.

Protection Racket

The more destructive the business, the more likely it is to enjoy political protection.

The Workaround

Without public consultation, the boundaries of freeports have been expanded to cover much of the country. What does this mean?

Judgement Call

Bereavement is bad enough, without a predatory phone company refusing to cancel a dead person’s account.

The Saboteurs

If the UK government had set out to undermine and degrade our country, it couldn’t have done a better job.

Freedom’s Prison

It’s not us the government intends to liberate. It’s the asset strippers, money launderers, property developers and oligarchs on whose behalf it operates.

For Your Eyes Only

The opaque and secretive networks on which Boris Johnson builds his power.

Contract Killers

Coronavirus deals worth billions of pounds have been awarded by the government to “unusual” companies, without advertising or competition.

Road to Perdition

How did wildlife groups start collaborating in the destruction of nature?

Sold Out

The government intends to use a US trade deal to bypass democracy, override Parliament and rip down our public protections.

Culpable Negligence

The disastrous collapse of the UK’s pandemic response has been caused by the deliberate evisceration of our health services. Worse is coming.