The fight against the superstores is a struggle for democracy Read more.

Strange Fruit

A hard commercial logic dictates that the only way to get good fruit today is to grow your own. Read more.

The New Friends of the Earth?

The superstores are suddenly competing to be green. Can we trust them? Read more.

Beholden to the Mob

The UK’s competition authorities still seem to be working for the superstores Read more.

Growing My Own

Boycotting the superstores means taking on five allotments Read more.

Bad News from Tesco

The superstores are on the verge of cornering the news market, with disastrous implications for democracy Read more.

Low Hanging Fruit

The superstores are mopping up the last pockets of resistance Read more.

Privatising Our Minds

Cause-Related Marketing is a new form of social control Read more.

How the Superstores Gave Us Foot and Mouth

It’s not “cheap food” but big profits which are to blame Read more.

Small is Vulnerable

The supermarkets could kill organic farming’s potential to revolutionise the foodchain Read more.

Loss Leaders

The Competition Commission has given the superstores permission to destroy the rest of Britain’s food economy Read more.

Shut Down the Superstores

We’ll only break up their monopoly by turning them into farmers’ markets Read more.

Economic Cleansing

Wal-Mart’s arrival in Britain will be the final blow for small shops Read more.

Monopoly – the Only Game in Town

The Office of Fair Trading is giving Britain’s superstores exactly what they want Read more.

A Nation of Suckers

Why do we believe what the superstores tell us? Read more.

Social Solvents

The superstores are dumping their costs on all of us Read more.

Stealing from the Poor

The superstores are bigger criminals than the shoplifters Read more.

Breaking the Foodchain

Tesco is going organic, but this might not be good news Read more.

The Mailed Fist of the Free Market

Superstores are destroying the local economy Read more.

Monotonous Monopoly

The superstores are changing the world to suit themselves Read more.