Category: climate breakdown

Dry Run

The mega-droughts in Spain and the US are a portent of a gathering global water crisis.

The Long Wait

Here are the big green policies Labour should adopt.

Baked In

The structure of the climate summits ensures that the most lethal interests prevail, by design. Here are some better models.

Running Amoc

It’s because the climate crisis is now visible to everyone that governments are giving the fossil fuel industry everything it demands.


The power of the very rich prevents us from addressing our two greatest existential threats.

Sacré Vert

French environmental action puts the UK to shame.

Hell Holes

Fossil fuel companies walk away from the lands they have devastated, often without paying a penny to restore them.


This government runs on dirty money. That’s why it’s torching the planet.


Claims that cattle ranching sequesters carbon and restores ecosystems have been used in highly effective marketing campaigns by the livestock industry. Just one problem: they’re greenwash.

How About Never?

Powerful governments have no intention of preventing climate breakdown.

Silence of the Lambs

Livestock farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas pollution than all the world’s transport. Yet governments won’t touch it.

Cliff Edge

Here’s how it happened before – a mass extinction caused by fossil fuel burning. It will happen again unless we step back from the precipice.

Days of Rage

System change is – and has always been – our only realistic means of defending the living planet.

Willing the End

On both sides of the Atlantic, powerful interests seem determined to trigger the collapse of life on Earth. Why?

Revolt Against Debt

This could be how the fight against climate breakdown reaches critical mass.

Politics Deniers

Those who claim that we can prevent environmental collapse without political pressure or political change are now more dangerous than climate deniers.