Category: foreign affairs

Lying In State

History, as the government tells it, is one long lie, airbrushing a host of atrocities.


The world’s most powerful nations endorsed the Indonesian occupation of West Papua 50 years ago. Now they have a duty to help bring it to an end.

The Lady Has Turned

Aung San Suu Kyi should lose her Nobel Prize, as a result of her disgraceful complicity in genocide

Unremitting Pain

The US government, it seems, couldn’t care less if it causes a humanitarian catastrophe in one of the world’s poorest nations.

The Empire Strikes Back

Imperialism did almost as much harm to the ruling nations as it did to their subject peoples.

See No Evil

How did genocide denial become a doctrine of the internationalist left?

Blotting Out the Past

This is my reply to a former colonial official denying British atrocities in Kenya

Dark Hearts

We British have a peculiar ability to blot out our colonial history.

Media Cleanse

How a group which claims to defend human rights turned into an apologist for genocidaires and ethnic cleansers.

Naming the Genocide Deniers

The right-wing denial of the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda is bad enough; the new left-wing denial is even worse.

The Junta’s Accomplices

If you want to support democracy in Burma, phone Gary Player and the other western businessmen propping up the generals.

Without Principle

New revelations show that Blair’s government is as corrupt as any of those it criticises.