Law of Nature

Those who destroy the living world should be charged with the international crime of ecocide Read more.

The Judgement of History

The Chilcot report is utterly damning; but it’s still not justice. Read more.

Danger Mice

Beware of politicians making themselves look big by inflating security threats Read more.

Terrorism or Heroism?

If you join foreign conflicts you’re prosecuted as a terrorist, however just your cause. Read more.

Bring It On

Did an undercover policeman help to instigate a major riot? Read more.

Dead Zone

A shocking new bill threatens to make this country feel like a giant shopping mall. Read more.

Law of the Landed

A remarkable “mistake” by the police hints at who wields power in the UK. Read more.

The Wrong State

The police spy scandal shows that mass surveillance will be used against us. Read more.

Innocent Until Proved Dead

If assassinating suspects makes sense overseas, why not at home? Read more.

The Healing

How a community might recover from a horror that defies imagination. Read more.

The Grime Behind the Crime

Could an astonishing explanation for the rise and fall of violent crime be correct? Read more.

A Step Towards the Dock

The prospect of a trial for Tony Blair now starts to look more plausible Read more.

Bounty Paid for Blair Arrest Attempt

Press release: Payouts for attempts to arrest the former PM now exceed £10,000. Read more.

Making Democracy Safe for Business

The government is ensuring that we can mount no effective protest against the banks and corporations. Read more.

Britain’s Private Militias

The Ratcliffe miscarriage of justice shows that we need a sweeping reform of the police. Read more.

False Witness

Justice is impossible if we can’t trust the police to tell the truth. Read more.

The Freedom Swindle

The government promised us the right to peaceful protest. It is delivering nothing of the kind. Read more.

The Real Domestic Extremists

Who threatens us most – peaceful campaigners or a private militia run by police chiefs? Read more.

Beware Fake Radicals

Conservatives have perfected the trick of defending power by attacking it. Read more.

Land of Impunity

If the police can get away with killing Ian Tomlinson, there’s no justice in Britain. Read more.