Category: law & order

False Witness

Justice is impossible if we can’t trust the police to tell the truth.

The Freedom Swindle

The government promised us the right to peaceful protest. It is delivering nothing of the kind.

Land of Impunity

If the police can get away with killing Ian Tomlinson, there’s no justice in Britain.

The Death of Irony

How could the intent of today’s column have passed so many people by?

Putting the Pope on Trial

International law presents a radical challenge to the powerful: they could be judged by the same standards as the rest of us.

Morality Policing

The police treat protests and festivals as a threat to their power

The Reckoning

Wherever Blair goes, our campaign ensures that he can never be free from the fear of arrest

A Bounty for Blair’s Arrest

Today I am launching a new fund – – to reward people who attempt to arrest the former prime minister

The Hanging Judge

Why has Mr Justice Eady been allowed to conduct a one-man campaign against free speech?

Justice in Shades

A damning judgement on army killings suggests that officials at every level have covered up torture and murder.

Printing Police Lies

The rightwing press has briefly turned against the police, but normal service will soon resume.

The Proceeds of Crime

The US and British governments have created a private prison industry which preys on human lives.

The Paranoia Squad

A British police unit is demonising peaceful protesters to stay in business.

The Price of Free Speech

A grotesque case of legal bullying using a 13th-Century law shows that in some respects we still haven’t shaken off feudalism.

Censored by Money

England’s mediaeval libel laws are becoming a global menace to free speech