Power Failure

Yes, we are pro-nuclear, but the proposed Hinkley C plant should be scrapped. Read more.

Power Crazed

Why do we transfer the real health risks inflicted by coal onto nuclear energy? Read more.

Fiscal Meltdown

The government is betting the farm on a nuclear technology that might soon look as hip as the traction engine. Read more.

Out of Steam

Nuclear power seems to have stalled. So what happens now? Read more.

The Heart of the Matter

This is by far the most interesting and challenging debate about nuclear power I have had to date. Read more.

No Primrose Path

If you think nuclear power is hard to finance and deliver, look at the alternative. Read more.

Press Release – Why We Have Written to Cameron

We urge him to reject advice to drop nuclear power in the UK Read more.

A Letter to David Cameron

Countering the letter sent to him by four former directors of Friends of the Earth Read more.

Nuclear vs Nuclear vs Nuclear

We can’t wish nuclear waste away: we must choose one of three options for dealing with it. Read more.

A Waste of Waste

Why bury nuclear waste, when it could meet the world’s energy needs? Read more.

How the Greens Were Misled

One man, now embroiled in a shocking scandal, may have done the movement incalculable damage. Read more.

The Moral Case for Nuclear Power

My response to Jonathon Porritt’s arguments – and to his highly personal invective. Read more.

Nuclear Power Debate – The Film

Here’s the scorching debate I had with Doug Parr from Greenpeace and others last night. Read more.

Corporate Power? No Thanks

The machinations of the industry shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the case for nuclear power. Read more.

Nuclear Power – The Big Debate

On Thursday 7th July, I’ll be thrashing out the issues with Greenpeace and others. Come along if you can. Read more.

Turning Together

I challenge Jonathon Porritt to explain his contention that nuclear power and renewables are incompatible. Read more.

Our Crushing Dilemmas

How do environmentalists fight without losing what we’re fighting for? Read more.

The Lost World

Where is the environmental vision that can resist the planet-wrecking project? Read more.

Why This Matters

We have to be sure our facts about nuclear power are right, as the latest exchange with Helen Caldicott shows. Read more.

Evidence Meltdown

The green movement has misled the world about the dangers of radiation. Read more.