Interrogation of Helen Caldicott’s Responses

This is supporting material for my article Evidence Meltdown. Read more.

Correspondence with Helen Caldicott

This is supporting material for my article Evidence Meltdown. Read more.

Seven Double Standards

Why don’t we judge other forms of energy generation by the standards we apply to nuclear power? Read more.

Going Critical

How the Fukushima disaster taught me to stop worrying and embrace nuclear power. Read more.


The Fukushima crisis should not spell the end of nuclear power. Read more.

War With the Ghosts

What are our nuclear weapons for, and who controls them? Read more.

Nuked by Friend and Foe

An unsentimental appraisal of our energy choices doesn’t boost your popularity. Read more.

The Magic Pudding

Why is the US government still pouring billions into missile defence? Read more.

Picking Up the Gauntlet

Arthur Scargill has challenged me to a duel. Name your date, sir. Read more.

Nuking the Treaty

Iran is the least of the world’s offenders against non-proliferation. Read more.

Ban the Bomb – But Only in Iran

When will Bush and Brown acknowledge that there is already a nuclear power in the Middle East? Read more.

A Catalogue of Idiocy

The emerging disaster at Dounreay is a powerful argument for open government. Read more.

Thanks, But We Still Don’t Need It

Some of the arguments against nuclear power are no longer valid, but it remains the wrong technology. Read more.

A Self-Vindicating Policy

Building new nuclear weapons creates the threats they are supposed to avert. Read more.

How Much Energy Do We Have?

Are there enough renewables to keep the lights on? The answer will be comforting to no one. Read more.

Our Own Nuclear Salesman

The government’s chief scientist appears to have succumbed to politics Read more.

The Treaty Wreckers

In just a few months, Bush and Blair have destroyed the global restraint on nuclear weapons Read more.

Proliferation Treaty

Of course Iran wants the bomb, and the international system has given it everything it needs to build one. Read more.

The British Threat

By hardening its position on nuclear weapons, Labour is encouraging proliferation Read more.

The UK’s Nuclear Terrorists

The British Government is increasing the dangers of nuclear proliferation Read more.