In Defence of Speciesism

Why might it be right to shoot deer, but not human beings? Read more.


Despite growing awareness, our government still allows landowners to help flood the homes of people living downstream. Read more.


Bullying and intimidation dominate the British countryside, as landowners and shooters assert their power. Read more.


Our national parks are ecological deserts, run for the benefit of a tiny minority. It’s time we reclaimed them. Read more.

Black Hole

The fake grassroots campaign run by grouse shooters is just one instance of the way democracy is being bypassed Read more.

Peak Squirrel

How to eradicate grey squirrels without firing a shot – an astonishing tale of ecological restoration. Read more.

Breaking the Silence

It’s time to bring the Highland Spring south, and, like Scotland, introduce democracy to this quasi-feudal nation. Read more.

Highland Spring?

Will Scotland please get off its knees and challenge the people who claim to own it. Read more.

The Shooting Party

As the food queues lengthen, the government is giving our money to the super-rich. Read more.

Captive Animals

How Natural England became the servant of the landed classes. Read more.

The Resurgent Aristocracy

Rural policy is once again the preserve of the elite, and wildlife and people suffer as a result. Read more.

The Estate We’re In

Thanks to an aristocratic minister, state spending is being used to support pheasant shoots and destroy birds of prey. Read more.

Arrested Development

The wild boar cull should be halted, and we should stop confusing conservation with gardening. Read more.

The War Against Nature Resumes

As the new badger cull shows, we revert to irrational destruction as soon as our economic interests are threatened. Read more.

Class War on the Hoof

If we want a classless society, banning hunting might be a step towards it. Read more.

Paddle pusher

Canoes have a low impact on the environment, yet they are more restricted than cars. Read more.

Stirring up Hatred in the Countryside

The rich and powerful have started a new class war Read more.

Free at last

We get the right to roam, but a predatory landlord has been chosen to enforce it Read more.

The Hunters And The Hunted

It’s not just about fox-hunting: we must re-examine all aspects of our involvement with the natural world Read more.

More Broken Promises

Where is the right to roam the government pledged? Read more.