Category: politics

Hard Labour

This could be not only Labour’s last chance but, if the party doesn’t recover some courage, British democracy’s.

The Programme

A shadowy network of dark-money junktanks is delivering the same disastrous political package around the world.


How our lives came to be dominated by a few dozen plutocrats and their thousands of concierges.

The Door Is That Way

The striking new plan to let voters reclaim democracy in a profoundly undemocratic system.

Off Brand

Russell Brand’s grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

Uncivil War

This senseless lawsuit could bankrupt the Labour party and let the Tories win again.

Our Path

Because Twitter threads aren’t working at the moment (thanks Elon!), I’m republishing a chain of tweets about how we should rise to the challenge of democratic collapse.

The Oligarch’s Oligarch

Just as we need to get the money out of politics, we have been gifted a Prime Minister who represents the ultra-rich.

The Undead

Liz Truss promises to double down on policies that have been completely discredited.

Absent Minded

To this government, the duty of care is an abomination.

The Saboteurs

If the UK government had set out to undermine and degrade our country, it couldn’t have done a better job.

Spirited Away

How the counterculture fell prey to the far-right’s conspiracy theories.

Breaking Point

The end of the United Kingdom is a prospect we should welcome.

Monster Makers

Unless Biden fights big money, he could pave the way for someone even worse than Trump.

The State of It

The government retreats for billionaires, while smashing down our doors.