Category: privatisation


Privatisation and austerity don’t cut costs: they just pass them on to us.

Lying Through Their Teeth

What the government has done to NHS Dentistry is what it wants to do to the rest of our public services.

Bleeding Out

Thanks to systemic and deliberate underfunding, NHS Emergency departments are now a vision of hell.

A Total Fiasco

England’s response to the coronavirus pandemic now relies on unskilled teenaged call centre workers, taking the place of experienced clinicians.

Without Trace

The huge amount of public money spent on test and trace has been wasted by incompetent private contractors and executives, with devastating results.


Neoliberalism promised to save us from bureaucracy. Instead, it has delivered a mad, semi-privatised authoritarianism

The Sting

Repeated warnings that the Private Finance Initiative was an outrageous rip-off, dumping ultimate risks on the taxpayer, were ignored

Rooting Out Democracy

The Sheffield tree massacre is one result of the monstrous, impenetrable officialdom that neoliberalism creates

The Self-Hating State

Devolving policy to “the market” doesn’t solve the problem of power. It makes it worse.

The UK’s Odious Debts

Many PFI deals were undemocratic and against the national interest. It’s time we stopped honouring them.

The Real Expenses Scandal

It’s a thousand times bigger than the one we’re talking about, so why doesn’t it ignite public anger?

The Proceeds of Crime

The US and British governments have created a private prison industry which preys on human lives.

An Easter Egg Hunt

The £95 million that private companies extracted from a hospital project was not a mistake, but a deliberate gift from the government.