Neoliberalism promised to save us from bureaucracy. Instead, it has delivered a mad, semi-privatised authoritarianism Read more.

The Sting

Repeated warnings that the Private Finance Initiative was an outrageous rip-off, dumping ultimate risks on the taxpayer, were ignored Read more.

Rooting Out Democracy

The Sheffield tree massacre is one result of the monstrous, impenetrable officialdom that neoliberalism creates Read more.

The Self-Hating State

Devolving policy to “the market” doesn’t solve the problem of power. It makes it worse. Read more.

The UK’s Odious Debts

Many PFI deals were undemocratic and against the national interest. It’s time we stopped honouring them. Read more.

The Real Expenses Scandal

It’s a thousand times bigger than the one we’re talking about, so why doesn’t it ignite public anger? Read more.

The Biggest, Weirdest Rip-Off Yet

The widening of the M25 is a private finance initiative scheme that requires little private finance. Or initiative. Read more.

The Proceeds of Crime

The US and British governments have created a private prison industry which preys on human lives. Read more.

The Great Consolidation

What more can the government shut down? Oh yes, doctors’ surgeries. Read more.

The Patient Stalkers

Beware of privatisation schemes dressed up as customer choice. Read more.

The Fat Cats Protection League

Wherever you hear the words “free market”, you’ll find massive state handouts to corporations Read more.

An Easter Egg Hunt

The £95 million that private companies extracted from a hospital project was not a mistake, but a deliberate gift from the government. Read more.

A Good Model for a Mugging

Labour’s first full-scale privatisation involves the multiple fleecing of the taxpayer Read more.

Our Very Own Enron?

Is the private finance initiative melting down? Read more.

A Scandal of Secrecy and Collusion

Why have we paid £93m for a £15m bridge? Read more.

Road Hogs

Even the government’s private finance success story turns out to be a roaring failure Read more.

Exploitation on Tap

Why is Britain using its aid money to persuade South Africa to privatise its public services? Read more.

This Is What We Paid For

Britain’s foreign aid has been used to bankroll a programme for mass starvation Read more.

On the Edge of Lunacy

British foreign aid is being directed to countries willing to sell off their assets to big business Read more.

The Patient is Dying

The Labour Party has 24 hours to save the National Health Service Read more.