Do As We Say, Not As We Do

The free market is imposed on the poor world, but absent from the rich world Read more.

A Challenge to the Chancellor

Refute these charges, or admit that the private finance initiative is built on fraud and false accounting Read more.

Private Affluence, Public Rip-Off

New Labour’s enthusiasm for business is matched only by its lack of business sense, as the private finance fiasco shows. Read more.

Very British Corruption

The private finance initiative is rigged from beginning to end; but now we have the chance to stop it Read more.

The Corporate Takeover of Childhood

Schools are being privatised in order to develop a new export industry Read more.

Could this be Labour’s poll tax?

The attack on New York has suppressed discussion of the Private Finance Initiative; but not for long. Read more.

Private Finance – Keep Out!

As public services are part-privatised, the business of the state is being shrouded by “commercial confidentiality” Read more.

Bleeding Us Dry

Money is being siphoned out of our new hospitals before they receive a single patient Read more.

The NHS is Being Privatised

But so subtly that even ministers don’t seem to know what’s going on Read more.

Totalitarian Capitalism

Corporations are seizing the genome, but that’s only the beginning Read more.

Don’t Get Sick!

The Private Finance Initiative is forcing doctors to work dangerously long hours Read more.

The Great Railway Swindle

Private enterprise flourishes at public expense Read more.

Cuckoos in the Nest

The corporate capture of the National Health Service means that it can only shrink, not grow. Read more.