Honourable Theft

How one young woman broke down the gates of knowledge Read more.

A Blizzard of Nonsense

Whatever happened to the crazy weather the Daily Express keeps predicting? Read more.

A Shock to the System

A new form of marine mass destruction is outrageously being justified by the EU and its member states in the name of “scientific research”. Read more.

The Elixir of Life – In a Poisoned Chalice?

Is life extension science an astonishing promise or an astonishing threat? Or both? Read more.

Brilliance and Bunkum

The terrible howlers in James Lovelock’s new book show that genius is no defence against being wrong. Read more.

Age of Unreason

The governments of Britain, Canada and Australia are trying to stamp out scientific dissent. Read more.

La Nouvelle Trahison des Clercs

When scholars sell out, the consequences are grave. Read more.

The Counter-Enlightenment

How government science advisers misrepresent science. Read more.

The Lairds of Learning

How did academic publishers acquire these feudal powers? Read more.

Evolving Madness

Why does a crazy set of beliefs in one field seem to migrate into unrelated subjects? Read more.

Debate with Steve Easterbrook

We explore the mutual incomprehension across the climate emails divide Read more.

Walled In

Science and humanities students view each other with incomprehension: blame our dumb, narrow schooling. Read more.

The Unpersuadables

In fighting for science, we subscribe to a comforting illusion: that people can be swayed by the facts. Read more.

Captive Knowledge

The funding for academic research has been taken over by business Read more.

A Beardful of Bunkum

David Bellamy’s at it again, with even dafter claims about climate change. Read more.

Libertarians are the True Social Parasites

Matt Ridley raged against the government – until he needed £16 billion Read more.

The Real Climate Censorship

It’s happening, it’s systematic, and it is precisely the opposite story to the one the papers are telling. Read more.

Channel 4’s Problem with Science

It doesn’t give a damn about whether the facts stack up – as long as it creates a controversy. Read more.

Smoke Rings

The tobacco industry duped both academic journals and the media. Read more.

A Life With No Purpose

Darwin tells us that we are no more than assemblages of complex molecules. We should celebrate this. Read more.