Junk Science

Climate change denial, as David Bellamy’s claims show, is based on pure hocus pocus Read more.

Seeds of Distraction

The biotech companies want us to consider everything except their motives. Read more.

The Sleaze Behind Our Science

The conflicts of interest revealed by the MMR story are everywhere. Read more.

Invasion of the Entryists

Read more.

The Enemies of Science

Nothing damages science more than forcing researchers to develop GM Read more.

Science is Dumbing Down

We Need a Revolution in our Universities Read more.

The Architects of Hell

Early specialisation prevents scientists from understanding the consequences of their work Read more.

Idiot Savants

Some of Britain’s most eminent scientists are engaged in an economic war against the poor Read more.

Skewed Science

Scientists are being forced to work for corporations, and against the rest of us Read more.

Science with Scruples

Science with Scruples Read more.

We Aren’t Robots

The extraordinary work of the neurobiologist Antonio Damasio shows that wisdom is inextricable from emotion Read more.

Blind Faith And Science

Genetic engineering will transfer power from the poor to the rich Read more.

The Shrinking of Science

Reductionism is making science ever less relevant to our lives. Read more.