The Judgement of History

The Chilcot report is utterly damning; but it’s still not justice. Read more.

Bomb Everyone

Humanitarian arguments, if consistently applied, could be used to flatten the entire Middle East Read more.

A Step Towards the Dock

The prospect of a trial for Tony Blair now starts to look more plausible Read more.

Blair at Large

There’s still plenty of money in the pot for someone attempting Tony Blair’s arrest Read more.

The Reckoning

Wherever Blair goes, our campaign ensures that he can never be free from the fear of arrest Read more.

A Bounty for Blair’s Arrest

Today I am launching a new fund – – to reward people who attempt to arrest the former prime minister Read more.

Arresting Blair

His bid for the EU presidency gives us the best chance we’ll ever have. Read more.

Justice in Shades

A damning judgement on army killings suggests that officials at every level have covered up torture and murder. Read more.

Justice Undone

I didn’t get my man, but I helped to remind people what he’s done. Read more.

Arresting John Bolton

The Charge Sheet Read more.

Putting the State on Trial

Protesters who have damaged military equipment are walking away from the dock Read more.

Occupations Brutalise

The atrocities in Iraq surprise us only because we ignore colonial history. Read more.

A War Crime Within a War Crime Within a War Crime

The revelations from Falluja are piling up Read more.

War Without Rules

Yes, the US has used chemical weapons Read more.

Bringing Out the Dead

The press has been minimising the death toll in Iraq Read more.

How to Stop Civil War

Nicaragua and South Africa, not the US, should be the inspiration for Iraq’s constitution. Read more.

Fraud and Corruption

Where has Iraq’s money gone? Read more.

Killing vs Helping

Bush and Blair no longer seem able to see the difference. Read more.

The Lies of the Press

The newspapers must also be held to account for the decision to invade Iraq. Read more.

Greasing Up to Power

Our journalists bear as much responsibility for the misinformation about Iraq as the intelligence agencies. Read more.