The Bones of the Saint

Remarks at the launch of Scott Lucas’s book The Betrayal of Dissent Read more.

A Charter to Intervene

We need new international laws to tell us whether or not force is justified. Read more.

Extreme Measures

We can’t rely on the Establishment to topple Tony Blair: we must do it ourselves. Read more.

The Moral Myth

Superpowers act out of self-interest, not morality. Read more.

Dreamers and Idiots

Bush and Blair did everything necessary to prevent the outbreak of peace Read more.

Tony Blair’s New Friend

He made the moral case for war – but backs a dictator who boils prisoners to death Read more.

Beware the Bluewash

The UN should not become the dustbin for America’s failed adventures Read more.

America Is a Religion

There is no more dangerous notion than that of America the Divine Read more.

Blair’s Grand Mistake

The war crimes case in Belgium illustrates the folly of Blair’s belief that the US is interested in justice Read more.

Chemical hypocrites

The US is preparing to use banned weapons in Iraq Read more.

No Way Out

Every likely outcome of this war is a disaster Read more.

One Rule for Them …

Does the US support the Geneva Convention or doesn’t it? Read more.

Left Behind to Starve

A humanitarian disaster is engulfing Africa as cash is poured into the war with Iraq and its aftermath Read more.

A Wilful Blindness

Those who support the coming war with Iraq refuse to see that it has anything to do with US global domination. Read more.

The Time for Talking Is Over

We must oppose this war as we have never opposed one before Read more.

See You In Court

Taking the government to court may be the only means of holding Britain and the US to account for their plans to invade Iraq Read more.

In the Crocodile’s Mouth

Blair is appeasing Bush partly in order to get a share of the world’s diminishing supplies of oil Read more.

Thwart Mode

For the past eight years, the US has undermined disarmament in Iraq Read more.

The Logic of Empire

The United States is now our foremost enemy. We must begin to treat it as such. Read more.

Diplomatic Impunity

“If any of this gets out of this room, I’ll kill the person responsible” Read more.