Category: war – iraq

Greasing Up to Power

Our journalists bear as much responsibility for the misinformation about Iraq as the intelligence agencies.

Extreme Measures

We can’t rely on the Establishment to topple Tony Blair: we must do it ourselves.

Blair’s Grand Mistake

The war crimes case in Belgium illustrates the folly of Blair’s belief that the US is interested in justice

No Way Out

Every likely outcome of this war is a disaster

Left Behind to Starve

A humanitarian disaster is engulfing Africa as cash is poured into the war with Iraq and its aftermath

A Wilful Blindness

Those who support the coming war with Iraq refuse to see that it has anything to do with US global domination.

See You In Court

Taking the government to court may be the only means of holding Britain and the US to account for their plans to invade Iraq

Thwart Mode

For the past eight years, the US has undermined disarmament in Iraq

The Logic of Empire

The United States is now our foremost enemy. We must begin to treat it as such.