Defend Our Ranting Homophobes

People should be as offensive as they wish. But in Britain the police can decide whose views to ban. Read more.

Feeding Crime

If governments really want to improve law and order, they should ban adverts for junk food Read more.

Children of the Machine

New technological advances could make us susceptible to perpetual surveillance Read more.

Protesters are Criminals

And hardly anyone is contesting the new clampdown Read more.

Protest as Harassment

The new crime bill permits the police to stop almost any demonstration. Read more.

The Myth of Compensation Culture

Big business is seeking the freedom to kill its workers Read more.

A Thousand Dusty Codicils

Little by little, democracy is being banned Read more.

Wrong T-shirt son? You’re nicked

The act which came into force this week could make terrorists of us all Read more.

Power Hides from the People

New market “freedoms” need the help of old-fashioned authoritarianism Read more.

Illegal Beagles

In the name of preventing violence, the government is being asked to ban peaceful protest Read more.

More Human Than We Are

Corporations are asserting their “human rights” to exploit the rest of us. Read more.

Disruptive Protest is a Civic Duty

When the law is wrong it must be challenged. That’s progress Read more.

Publish and Be Damned

Britain’s libel laws allow the rich and powerful to silence the excluded Read more.

Protest and Survive

Britain has started the biggest civil rights clampdown in recent history Read more.

Inequality Before the Law

The powerful enjoy immunity, while the law treats the powerless ever more harshly Read more.

A Tax on Information

Government agencies are making us pay throught the nose for our right to know Read more.

Silencing Dissent

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Defective Inspectors

As the security services seek to justify their existence, harmless activists are being treated as terrorists Read more.

A Seedy Business

Old plant varieties have been criminalised by a series of draconian laws intended to protect big corporations Read more.

Hunting the Beast

I track down the police torturer who had me beaten up in 1989 Read more.