Category: foreign affairs

The Generals’ War

In victory or in defeat, the military leaders who dominate Israeli politics can’t lose.

A Well of Hypocrisy

One man uses gas and oil money to help the poor. The other uses it to buy guns. Guess who gets vilified.

Bards of the Powerful

Far from challenging the G8’s role in Africa’s poverty, Geldof and Bono are legitimising its power.

Pedigree Dogs of War

Some people who engage in foreign conflicts are called terrorists. Others are about to be licensed by the government

A Deadly Reversal

Why does no one care that the world’s worst conflict has broken out again?

Exploitation on Tap

Why is Britain using its aid money to persuade South Africa to privatise its public services?

Adventure playground

Africans have good reason to be suspicious of British involvement in their affairs

Empire of Denial

My old housemate has devised a new and terrifying myth of power

Apocalypse Please

US policy towards the Middle East is driven by a rarefied form of madness. It’s time we took it seriously.

Victim’s Licence

Our fairytale version of Rwanda’s genocide has allowed us to overlook the government’s own crimes against humanity

On the Edge of Lunacy

British foreign aid is being directed to countries willing to sell off their assets to big business

Fake Patriots

Why does the right refuse to see that US power has become a threat to our sovereignty?