Don’t Cry for Clare

Short’s career as a licensed rebel casts light on our post-oppositional, post-modern politics Read more.

A War of Terror

The men who claim to be fighting “evil” on behalf of “good” are also funding one of the world’s dirtiest wars Read more.

Our Racist Demonology

Robert Mugabe is portrayed as the prince of darkness, but when whites expel black people from their lands, nobody gives a damn. Read more.

The Logic of Empire

The United States is now our foremost enemy. We must begin to treat it as such. Read more.

Moral Flight

Bush and Blair, who made so much of their “leadership” when there was a war to be fought, are nowhere to be seen when peace is needed. Read more.

World Bank to West Bank

The movement written off after September 11 is demonstrating its worth in Palestine Read more.

Hell’s Grannies

British women are using themselves as human shields in Israel, and they put the rest of us to shame Read more.

Europe’s Dirty War

The European Union is funding Plan Colombia Read more.

We Share the Blame for Zimbabwe

Britain’s Debt to its People Runs into Billions Read more.

Reservoir of Sleaze

The British Government is underwriting Turkey’s ethnic cleansing programme. Read more.

Short Shrift for the World’s Poor

Clare Short, the international development secretary, is selling poor countries down the river Read more.

Depraved Debt Collectors

It’s time to disband the murderous Export Credit Guarantee Department Read more.

A Laughing Soldier with a Razor Blade

How the West has licensed Indonesia’s reign of terror Read more.

Human Sacrifice

West Papua, in Indonesia, is being surrended for the sake of geopolitics Read more.

Hunting the Beast

I track down the police torturer who had me beaten up in 1989 Read more.

Communist Pigs vs Capitalist Pigs

Only by killing all of Haiti’s pigs could the US force its people to abandon their self-sufficiency Read more.

Beloved Country

South Africa has embarked on a brave and hazardous land reform programme Read more.

Dispossessed without trace

The Brazilian press and political system is ignoring a wholesale theft of land and the murder of its people Read more.

The Scattering of the Dead

A disastrous project funded by the Canadian Government is destituting an African people Read more.

The Maasai and the Mercedes Men

A fraudulent privatisation project is reducing the Maasai to little more than tourist dancers Read more.