Category: health

A Slow-Burning Scandal

The government refuses to act on toxic flame retardants in our bedding and furnishings.


In 1976, we ate more than we do today. So why are we fatter?

The Oxytocin Tent

The wonderful things I learnt during my treatment for prostate cancer


I have prostate cancer, but I’m happy. Here’s how.


A remarkable experiment suggests that emergency admissions to hospital can be reduced by tackling loneliness

Sex Pests

Who is most responsible for high abortion rates? The religious right.

Smoke and Mirrors

Pollution, as scandals on both sides of the Atlantic show, is a physical manifestation of corruption.

Slim Chance

New evidence suggests that obesity might be incurable. So why does the government propose to punish sufferers?

Power Crazed

Why do we transfer the real health risks inflicted by coal onto nuclear energy?

Smoking Gun

Who killed the plan for cigarettes to be sold only in plain packets?

The Mind Thieves

The evidence linking Alzheimer’s disease to the food industry is strong and growing.

A Death Foretold

Why have successive governments been waging war on one of the world’s best health systems?


The level of excess winter deaths in the UK is higher than Siberia’s. This is why.

A Charming Falsehood

While pressing Stewart Brand to admit he was wrong, it seems that I might have stumbled across a new tactic in the corporate propaganda war.

Sending Off the Ref

The government’s disastrous new deregulation programme means that the poor will be fouled by the rich.