Category: health

Willy Loman Syndrome

Young people are being torn apart by the gulf between expectation and reality. Is it any wonder that rates of mental illness are rising?

Passive Driving

Why are we still exposed to pollution that kills 39,000 a year?

Bleeding Us Dry

Money is being siphoned out of our new hospitals before they receive a single patient

Mad Cows Are Back

Mark Purdey’s explanation of the origins of BSE is gathering weight

A Cancer in the System

Why are the government and the big charities ignoring the environmental causes of cancer?

Poisoning the Poor

The poor are dying younger because they are being systematically poisoned

Don’t Get Sick!

The Private Finance Initiative is forcing doctors to work dangerously long hours

Cuckoos in the Nest

The corporate capture of the National Health Service means that it can only shrink, not grow.

Lagging Behind

The thousands of extra deaths each winter are just one symptom of a massive national housing crisis