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Down the Drain

Sewage pollution by the water companies is just one of the deadly attacks on our rivers.

Wealth of Nature

How has Costa Rica managed to restore its natural wonders, while big, rich nations fail?


This government runs on dirty money. That’s why it’s torching the planet.

Pipe Dream

Pumping water from one messed-up catchment to another solves nothing. We need to fix our problems at source.

The Perpetrators

Yes, Putin and his henchmen should be prosecuted for war crimes. So should those who led the invasion of Iraq.


Claims that cattle ranching sequesters carbon and restores ecosystems have been used in highly effective marketing campaigns by the livestock industry. Just one problem: they’re greenwash.

Off Brand

Russell Brand’s grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

The Hunger Gap

A gulf in public understanding prevents us from seeing how and why our food supply is at risk.

Hard Landing

A self-perpetuating political spiral is blocking the easier ways of preventing environmental collapse.

Lying Through Their Teeth

What the government has done to NHS Dentistry is what it wants to do to the rest of our public services.

Silence in Court

Environmental protesters are forbidden to explain their motivations to juries, making a mockery of justice.

Uncivil War

This senseless lawsuit could bankrupt the Labour party and let the Tories win again.

So What Would You Do?

Those who dismiss this solution to the greatest threat to Earth systems have a duty to propose a better one. So where is it?

Covid Roulette

Your next infection could be the one that permanently disables you.

Bleeding Out

Thanks to systemic and deliberate underfunding, NHS Emergency departments are now a vision of hell.

Burning Shame

Woodburning stoves are a beguiling but disastrous mistake.

Protection Racket

The more destructive the business, the more likely it is to enjoy political protection.