In Memoriam

As our wildlife and ecosystems collapse, remembering is a radical act. Read more.

Sunset for Liberal Democracy

The denial of popular sovereignty by mainstream leaders allows demagogues like Trump to pose as democratic champions. Read more.

Butchery of the Planet

Defending the living world and its people requires a shift from meat to a plant-based diet Read more.

Other People’s Money

Make bosses pay for the disasters they cause Read more.

Price Less

The “natural capital” agenda is morally wrong, intellectually vacuous, and most of all counter-productive Read more.

The Oxytocin Tent

The wonderful things I learnt during my treatment for prostate cancer Read more.

Payments for Not Mugging Old Ladies

This is George Monbiot’s response to the government consultation document Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit Read more.

Close Harmony

Why loneliness afflicts us – and how we should address it, in words and music Read more.

The Mess We’re In

How did neoliberalism happen and what do we do about it? Read more.

How to Really Take Back Control

Our multiple crises, and how we can escape them Read more.

Replacing Neoliberalism

A new politics needs a new political narrative Read more.


Those who claim to defend the national interest are bent on its destruction Read more.

Towering Injustice

Those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire were killed in an official war against public protections Read more.

The Day I Became a Vegan

The extraordinary sequence of events that changed my diet Read more.

A Corporation in Human Form

What drives Donald Trump – and the rest of the psychopathic political class Read more.

Ignoble Prize

If the Nobel Peace Prize means anything, it should be stripped from Aung San Suu Kyi for her complicity in the massacres in Myanmar/Burma Read more.

Putting the World to Rights

How to fix our broken politics Read more.

What Makes Us Human

The extraordinary, under-recognised aspects of human nature Read more.


How natural flood management could save homes and lives downstream Read more.

The Utter Weirdness of the British Countryside

And why rewilding makes sense here Read more.