In Defence of Speciesism

Why might it be right to shoot deer, but not human beings? Read more.


Despite growing awareness, our government still allows landowners to help flood the homes of people living downstream. Read more.

The Roots of Fascism

When political leaders brazenly flout the law, we are heading towards a very dark place. Read more.

The Most We Can Do

Climate targets seem sensible, but are actually impeding effective action. Let’s do something completely different. Read more.


Anyone seeking to defend life on Earth is now labelled an extremist. Yet the real extremists are those in power. Read more.

Those Who Trespass Against Us

This proposed new law would make us strangers in our own nation, by criminalising trespass. Read more.

Saving Our Bacon

Farmfree foods might be the only thing that gets us – and much of the rest of the living world – through this century. Read more.

Life Enhancing

Allowing the seas to recover from the outrageous assaults of commercial fishing can help heal our own wounded lives. Read more.

Rewilding Politics

It’s not just governments we need to change, but the entire, top-down, 19th Century political system. And we can start, right now, in our towns and cities. Read more.

Resist and Rebuild

Don’t despair: we will fight back, and, eventually, return stronger than before. Read more.

News is the Propaganda of the Oligarch

We’ve taken drastic action to try to stop the election from being won by outrageous lies. Read more.

Platform for the Planet

The political parties have finally woken up to the environmental crisis. But the media hasn’t Read more.

Power Failure

The current Labour Party has a weak instinct for power. This undermines its chances, but it reflects some rare and important traits. Read more.

Performative Oppression

The government proposes the cultural cleansing of the Romani and Traveller life from Britain. Read more.

The Unlearning

Boarding school, a peculiarly British form of abuse, has devastating impacts not only on the boarders, but on those they grow up to dominate. Read more.

Popularity Contest

If politicians genuinely respected “the people’s will”, they would let us express it between elections. Read more.

Arresting Destruction

This is my rationale for getting arrested with Extinction Rebellion Read more.

Oil Strike

The oil companies have successfully transferred blame for their actions to us. It is time to fight back. Read more.

Start Making Sense

By understanding the psychological buttons they’re pressing, we can stop demagogues from destroying our democracy. Read more.

Our Once and Future World

Let’s bring back Britain’s missing rainforests, and create national parks worthy of the name. Read more.