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The Long Wait

Here are the big green policies Labour should adopt.

Hard Labour

This could be not only Labour’s last chance but, if the party doesn’t recover some courage, British democracy’s.

Agrarian Populism

Farmers’ protests are being embraced by the far right. The precedents are chilling.


Privatisation and austerity don’t cut costs: they just pass them on to us.

The Programme

A shadowy network of dark-money junktanks is delivering the same disastrous political package around the world.

Bully Beef

The meat industry’s misinformation tactics are even worse than the fossil fuel industry’s.

Baked In

The structure of the climate summits ensures that the most lethal interests prevail, by design. Here are some better models.

The Shortfall

I try to work out how much money would be needed to restore a functioning state.


Toxic chemicals deliberately added to sewage are being spread across a vast area of farmland, with potentially catastrophic effects. We’re suing the government to stop it.

Extreme Prejudice

The government, under its own new definition, is an extremist organisation.

The Flickering

Earth systems are being rushed towards their tipping points by governments that offer us nothing but chaos.

No Excuses

War crimes have no justification, whoever commits them.

The System, Unmasked

Clinically vulnerable people are among the many realities denied in the endless drive for “normality”.


The mass release and shooting of pheasants trashes our ecosystems – and our humanity.


How do HS2 and other white elephants get commissioned? It’s clientelism – the subtle form of corruption.

What’s Your Poison?

Why do we put up with daily assaults on our health? It has everything to do with corporate power.