A Corporation in Human Form

What drives Donald Trump – and the rest of the psychopathic political class Read more.

Ignoble Prize

If the Nobel Peace Prize means anything, it should be stripped from Aung San Suu Kyi for her complicity in the massacres in Myanmar/Burma Read more.

Putting the World to Rights

How to fix our broken politics Read more.

What Makes Us Human

The extraordinary, under-recognised aspects of human nature Read more.


How natural flood management could save homes and lives downstream Read more.

The Utter Weirdness of the British Countryside

And why rewilding makes sense here Read more.


I have prostate cancer, but I’m happy. Here’s how. Read more.

Contrary to Reason

Steven Pinker claims to champion Enlightenment values. But his latest book is an affront to them Read more.


Our national parks are ecological deserts, run for the benefit of a tiny minority. It’s time we reclaimed them. Read more.


A remarkable experiment suggests that emergency admissions to hospital can be reduced by tackling loneliness Read more.

Wheel of Fortune

Only the left can break the cycle of wealth accumulation. Read more.

Resisting Resistance

A US-UK trade deal threatens to export the horrors of US corporate livestock production Read more.

Revolt of the Robots

How we can find meaning, purpose and pride when the workplace no longer offers them Read more.

Stepping Back from the Brink

An astonishing new field of enquiry explores the deep changes that could avert a planetary disaster Read more.

System Failure

Is complex society on the brink of collapse? Read more.

The Sting

Repeated warnings that the Private Finance Initiative was an outrageous rip-off, dumping ultimate risks on the taxpayer, were ignored Read more.

Eating the Earth

A rough transcript of my speech at the Oxford Farmers’ Conference debate, on the motion “This House Believes Eating Meat Will Be A Thing of the Past by 2100” Read more.

A Grand Plan to Do Nothing

The government’s 25 Year Environment Plan is a work of cowardice Read more.

Comfort Zone

If you want to see real no-platforming, look at the newspapers Read more.

The Unseen World

To be aware of the wonders of the living planet is to take on an unbearable burden of grief Read more.