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Shining a Light

Our forthcoming film about the undisclosed interests trashing our lives.


How our lives came to be dominated by a few dozen plutocrats and their thousands of concierges.

The Bird Cage

The remarkable story behind the disciplining of a major charity shows how power really works.

Six Legs Good

My very amateur photos of some magnificant creatures in the French Alps.

The Unhowled Land

Without wolves or lynx, our ecosystems remain barren, depleted and overrun by proliferating deer.

Running Amoc

It’s because the climate crisis is now visible to everyone that governments are giving the fossil fuel industry everything it demands.

The Door Is That Way

The striking new plan to let voters reclaim democracy in a profoundly undemocratic system.

Scapegoat Season

Instead of addressing our multiple ecological disasters, those with power are attacking wildlife defenders.


The power of the very rich prevents us from addressing our two greatest existential threats.

A Blatant Injustice

Corporations have found a way to punish people for disagreeing with them.

Sacré Vert

French environmental action puts the UK to shame.

Hell Holes

Fossil fuel companies walk away from the lands they have devastated, often without paying a penny to restore them.

The Oubliette

No one seeks to justify the indefinite imprisonment of people who should have been released years ago. Yet it continues.

False Alarms

Using entirely bogus pretexts, the police are deploying oppressive new laws to shut down peaceful protest.

Down the Drain

Sewage pollution by the water companies is just one of the deadly attacks on our rivers.