The Sting

Repeated warnings that the Private Finance Initiative was an outrageous rip-off, dumping ultimate risks on the taxpayer, were ignored Read more.

Eating the Earth

A rough transcript of my speech at the Oxford Farmers’ Conference debate, on the motion “This House Believes Eating Meat Will Be A Thing of the Past by 2100” Read more.

A Grand Plan to Do Nothing

The government’s 25 Year Environment Plan is a work of cowardice Read more.

Comfort Zone

If you want to see real no-platforming, look at the newspapers Read more.

The Unseen World

To be aware of the wonders of the living planet is to take on an unbearable burden of grief Read more.

We Can’t Keep Eating Like This

This is the question everyone should be attending to – where is the food going to come from? Read more.

Driven Mad

How the waste and inefficiency of neoliberalism attacks our children’s health Read more.

Everything Must Go

Economic growth will destroy everything. There’s no way of greening it – we need a new system. Read more.

Rogue State

How the guardians of nationhood conspire in its destruction. Read more.

Toxic Atmosphere

How a chemical weapons attack in Syria spawned a shameful series of conspiracy theories Read more.

Escape Hatch

My adventures in the golden realm. Read more.

Becoming Unstoppable

“We do not need to change human nature. We need to reveal it.”. Read more.

Rooting Out Democracy

The Sheffield tree massacre is one result of the monstrous, impenetrable officialdom that neoliberalism creates Read more.


The scale and speed of environmental collapse is beyond imagination. Read more.

Vote Often

Our representative democracy is scarcely worthy of the name. 21st Century politics demands a more participatory system Read more.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Some radical ideas for reshaping the economy. Read more.


We should use the political space being opened by the Labour resurgence to develop a new, participatory economy Read more.

The Meat of the Matter

Farming animals is as unsustainable as mining coal. Read more.

Common Wealth

Hope lies with a great, neglected sector of the economy, through which we can create a system that is neither capitalist nor state communist. Read more.

The Smog Chancellor

Who is the world’s leading environmental vandal? The answer may surprise you. Read more.