Bring on the Apocalypse

A new book by George Monbiot. Published April 2008 by Atlantic Books.


“George Monbiot makes one proud to be a journalist. His passion for social and ecological justice is undimmed by 21st-century cynicism. His desire for knowledge across the widest gamut of subjects (scientific, historical, political and cultural) enables him to reach places which are foreign territory to many of us. … Bring on the Apocalypse is a rich and abundant source of arguments for social progress.”

The Herald

“He is one of the best-informed dissenters on earth, a passionate environmentalist and campaigner for social justice, and a good old-fashioned journalist who can back up every argument with hard research.”

Irish Examiner

“Gorgeous and terrifying and inspiring … dense with learning but light to read, dramatically raise[s] your horizons.”

New Statesman

“He consistently questions some of our most basic assumptions, in a way that can both disturb and inspire. The writing is never less than clear and forceful, with a poetic sensibility that never wastes a word. When the occasion demands it, he can produce imagery as startling as anything in fiction.”


“He is a unique treasure – invariably writing good sense, using sane arguments in a fluent and engaging prose. He is supremely knowledgeable and passionate without becoming overemotional or hysterical.”

Morning Star

“The strength with which Monbiot puts his arguments has overshadowed his skill as a writer, which is considerable. You couldn’t wish for a more concise, entertaining – and unsettling – summary of the world’s most worrying trends.”

Western Daily Press

“Pity any man who tries an argument with George.”

The Diplomat

“Monbiot’s skill as a writer and thoroughness as a journalist always ensure that his arguments are worth hearing.”

The South Wales Argus