Category: landrights & planning

The Land Where We Belong

Land use in Britain will always work against us, until we demand control over the decisions which govern it

Beloved Country

South Africa has embarked on a brave and hazardous land reform programme

Get Off My Planet

Britain’s landlords are trespassing against our right to enjoy the countryside

Inheriting The Wind

Review of Slide Mountain, or The Folly of Owning Nature, by Theodore Steinberg

Dispossessed without trace

The Brazilian press and political system is ignoring a wholesale theft of land and the murder of its people

Fire in a Box

Britain’s protest movements have emerged in response to the enclosure of the land, the mind and political power. They are seeking to recover the freedom all of us have lost

Hero or Villain?

Richard Leakey’s reappointment as head of the Kenya Wildlife Service is a disaster for Kenya’s nomads

A Pox on the Planet

Golf course development is becoming one of the major threats to the environment and human rights

Your Round

Why doesn’t Guinness stop fighting us and help us to turn its land into something worthwhile?