Government by Business

The new Regional Development Agencies have no democratic legitimacy Read more.

Building on Sand

Hong Kong’s financial difficulties are partly due to land speculation. Britain has the same unhealthy patterns Read more.

Ditch the Dome

It’s a monumental folly Read more.

Priced Out

Charging for access to our national monuments reduces the poor to trespassers in their own nation Read more.

Enemy of the Earth

John Gummer presides over the Government’s starkest conflict of interest Read more.

Home not Domes!

Read more.

The Story of the Land

We need land reform in England just as much as in Scotland Read more.

Theft Is Property

If MPs really want to repeal the statute of limitations, they’ll find themselves in deeper water than they think Read more.

Decisions For Sale

Developers have discovered devious ways of buying planning permission Read more.

Grubbing Out the Past

Britain’s archaeology is being obliterated – often with the help of archaeologists – yet hardly anyone seems to care Read more.

Seize It Back

Many of the world’s most pressing problems arise from the enclosure of land. Read more.

The Land Where We Belong

Land use in Britain will always work against us, until we demand control over the decisions which govern it Read more.

Whose Nation, Whose Trust?

The National Trust must lose its attachment to aristocratic values Read more.

The Bulldozer of State

The decision to build a road takes place before the public inquiry begins Read more.

Beloved Country

South Africa has embarked on a brave and hazardous land reform programme Read more.

Get Off My Planet

Britain’s landlords are trespassing against our right to enjoy the countryside Read more.

Britain’s Cultural Cleansing

Our treatment of gypsies and travellers reveals Little England at its worst: mean-spirited, vindictive and narrow-minded. Read more.

Inheriting The Wind

Review of Slide Mountain, or The Folly of Owning Nature, by Theodore Steinberg Read more.

A Land Reform Manifesto

A new campaign is born Read more.

Dispossessed without trace

The Brazilian press and political system is ignoring a wholesale theft of land and the murder of its people Read more.