Category: landrights & planning

The New Coal Age

A vast new opencast pit will ruin local people’s lives and wreck the government’s climate change policies. How was it allowed to happen?

A Bully in Ermine

Lady Tonge is using her unelected position to persecute some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Driven Out of Eden

Our quest for Paradise always appears to result in eviction or genocide

Our Racist Demonology

Robert Mugabe is portrayed as the prince of darkness, but when whites expel black people from their lands, nobody gives a damn.

Rich Man’s Castle

Greens must not allow themselves to be used by the wealthy to shut out low cost homes.

A Damning Alibi

The latest British sleaze scandal hints at a far bigger, untold story

Lords of Misrule

The destruction of the Countryside and Rights of Way Bill by the “new” House of Lords shows that it’s just as bad as the old one

Still Digging

The 17th Century campaigner Gerrard Winstanley is a hero for the 21st Century

Cannibal Feast

By buying second homes all over Britain, the rich are preying on the lives of the poor