Category: landrights & planning

The Promised Land

This is the fate of young people today: excluded, but forbidden to opt out.


Enclosure and dispossession have driven us, like John Clare, all a little mad.

Mythologists of the Glen

A report on deer in the Scottish Highlands is a sycophantic paean to Balmorality and landed power.

War with the Wullies

This planning battle is a fight between the people and a totalitarian model of capitalism.

Terra Nullius

Read the small print and you find that the government wants a total abandonment of the planning system.


As Sydney residents are being paid to leave the city, the case for compact, high-density settlement becomes clearer than ever.

Forest Chumps

The sale of England’s state forests is a chance to do something interesting. It’s being squandered.

Home Rule

Here’s the remarkable, hidden truth about our housing crisis.

The New Coal Age

A vast new opencast pit will ruin local people’s lives and wreck the government’s climate change policies. How was it allowed to happen?