Category: landrights & planning

Highland Spring?

Will Scotland please get off its knees and challenge the people who claim to own it.

Political Barbed Wire

Why are 97% of our rivers shut to the public? A millionaire minister’s amazing conflicts of interest give you a clue.

Line of Battle

The line that separates the public from the private sphere is arbitrary, but fiercely policed.

Hidden Claws

Could the rubbish published in the Observer about birds of prey be related to the author’s undisclosed interests?

The Promised Land

This is the fate of young people today: excluded, but forbidden to opt out.


Enclosure and dispossession have driven us, like John Clare, all a little mad.

Mythologists of the Glen

A report on deer in the Scottish Highlands is a sycophantic paean to Balmorality and landed power.

War with the Wullies

This planning battle is a fight between the people and a totalitarian model of capitalism.

Terra Nullius

Read the small print and you find that the government wants a total abandonment of the planning system.


As Sydney residents are being paid to leave the city, the case for compact, high-density settlement becomes clearer than ever.

Forest Chumps

The sale of England’s state forests is a chance to do something interesting. It’s being squandered.

Home Rule

Here’s the remarkable, hidden truth about our housing crisis.