Lumbering into the 21st Century

I’ve finally joined Twitter

Recognising that a tweet is a short electronic communication for which you must later apologise

Accepting that I already spend too much of my time chained to the products of some anonymous Chinese export processing zone

Admitting that perhaps no one is interested anyway

Observing that the sun is shining outside and it’s time I sowed my radishes

I have nevertheless, after much deliberation and procrastination, at long last signed up to Twitter and fallen headlong into the 21st Century.

Right now it looks like a scary place, full of conventions I don’t understand and jargon which is as alien to me as the dithyrambs of Pindar.

But on the remote chance that anyone is interested, my Twitter address is GeorgeMonbiot.

I will try to keep up, and let you know when I put something up on my site, if there’s something I want you to know about and in the unlikely event that I have a thought worth sharing. But if I disappear off the radar for a while, please be aware that the usual crap excuses apply.