Where I’ve Gone

I’m still alive – but keeping quiet about it.

Dear Readers,

I’m currently taking 4 months off – the first substantial break I’ve had in 30 years of journalism – to start writing a dark, depraved and probably doomed novel. It’s an idea I’ve been sitting on for ten years. I realised that unless I carved out some time for it, I would never discover what a terrible novelist I could have been. I will also use the time to complete the album I’m writing with Ewan McLennan, and to step back in the hope of obtaining a wider view of the world.

So far I’m enjoying my time away from documenting human depravity (or at least those aspects of it not covered by the novel), though I will doubtless be raring to return to it after four months exploring the inside of my head and finding it contains rather less than I had hoped. I’ll be back in mid-June, just in time for the Euro-conflagration.