Category: farming

Going Downhill Fast

How public money and crazy policies speed water off the land and into our homes

Strategic Incompetence

The agencies supposed to protect the living world have been neutered, and polluters and wildlife destroyers now have a free hand.

On Bullshit

The hideous pollution case I stumbled on illustrates our failure to see the harm caused by animal farming.

Rural Idiocy

The BBC’s coverage of the countryside is a biased, unquestioning, deferential disgrace.

The Abuses of Enchantment

The cruelties of factory farming shelter behind a fairytale image, promoted by advertisers and children’s authors.

Fowl Deeds

The astonishing, multiple crises caused by chicken farming.

Ploughing On Regardless

Almost all other issues are superficial by comparison to soil loss. So why don’t we talk about it?

Piggery Pokery

A winter’s tale that won’t put you off your dinner. Much.


Every child should visit an abattoir. If you disagree, ask yourself why.

Eat Meat and Save the World?

Allan Savory tells us that increasing livestock numbers can reduce desertification and reverse climate change – but where is the scientific evidence?

Another Silent Spring?

Neonicotinoids appear to have devastating effects across the natural world: we need a global moratorium.

The Biogas Disaster

How the perverse consequences of a great idea are destroying the natural world.

Muddying the Waters

How the government’s farming policies have produced a perfectly designed system for flooding your home.

Dredged Up

Never mind the evidence, we’ll do something eye-catching.

Drowning in Money

The hidden and remarkable story of why devastating floods keep happening.

The Landed Mafia

It’s time we confronted the National Farmers’ Union and the millionaires it works for.