Mutually Assured Depletion

The EU, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes all blame each other for smashing the last great fish stock. All are wrong. Read more.


The government and the industry promised that they had dealt with aminopyralid poisoning. They haven’t. Read more.

The Press Gang

How to make and store your own apple juice. Read more.

Strong Meat

A new book has forced me to reconsider my views on food. Read more.

Towering Lunacy

Green enthusiasm for vertical farms shows that no one is untouched by magical thinking. Read more.

Strange Fruit

A hard commercial logic dictates that the only way to get good fruit today is to grow your own. Read more.

Manufactured Famine

A new wave of food colonialism is snatching food from the mouths of the poor. Read more.

The Pleasures of the Flesh

If you care about hunger, eat less meat. Read more.

A Cunning Plot

How to grow vegetables without breaking your back Read more.

The Last Straw

A new generation of biofuels turns out to be another environmental disaster Read more.

An Agricultural Crime Against Humanity

Biofuels could kill more people than the Iraq war. Read more.

The Road Well Travelled

Are we already shutting our minds to the consequences of climate change? Read more.

Feeding Frenzy

Why is it still acceptable to eat the endangered large predators of the sea? Read more.

A Lethal Solution

We need a five-year freeze on biofuels, before they wreck the planet. Read more.

The Water Boom Is Over

Global freshwater supplies could start to determine whether or not we can feed ourselves. Read more.

Not Enough Fish in the Sea

Not Enough Fish in the Sea We need omega-3 oils for our brains to function properly. But where will they come from? Read more.

Feeding Crime

If governments really want to improve law and order, they should ban adverts for junk food Read more.

Worse Than Fossil Fuel

Biodiesel enthusiasts have accidentally invented the most carbon-intensive fuel on earth Read more.

Growing My Own

Boycotting the superstores means taking on five allotments Read more.

Feeding Cars, Not People

The adoption of biofuels would be a humanitarian and environmental disaster Read more.