Category: food

Game of Chicken

Global trade once made us rich. Now it unleashes a full-spectrum assault on our well-being.

Stock Answer

Why I took the plunge at last and converted (almost) to veganism


The joints of meat that do more damage than a long-haul flight

The Dawning

How I caught a glimpse, through the unlikely medium of roadkill, of what lies beneath.

Slim Chance

New evidence suggests that obesity might be incurable. So why does the government propose to punish sufferers?

Ploughing On Regardless

Almost all other issues are superficial by comparison to soil loss. So why don’t we talk about it?


Every child should visit an abattoir. If you disagree, ask yourself why.

Recipes for Disaster

Isn’t it about time the media stopped publishing recipes for threatened fish?

The Mind Thieves

The evidence linking Alzheimer’s disease to the food industry is strong and growing.

Hunger Games

The rich world is causing the famines it claims to be preventing.

Mutually Assured Depletion

The EU, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes all blame each other for smashing the last great fish stock. All are wrong.


The government and the industry promised that they had dealt with aminopyralid poisoning. They haven’t.

Strong Meat

A new book has forced me to reconsider my views on food.

Towering Lunacy

Green enthusiasm for vertical farms shows that no one is untouched by magical thinking.

Strange Fruit

A hard commercial logic dictates that the only way to get good fruit today is to grow your own.

Manufactured Famine

A new wave of food colonialism is snatching food from the mouths of the poor.