Head-Banging for Britain

Here’s what we could gain by reducing the speed limit. Read more.

The Imaginary War

Government ministers have declared an end to hostilities that never begun. Read more.

Tory Boy Racers

The Conservative war on road safety has begun Read more.

Fast Train to Nowhere?

Before the UK commissions a high speed rail network, we should ask ourselves some big questions. Read more.

An Eruption of Reality

Has our society become too complex to sustain? Read more.

Bust-Up With Boris

I meet the mayor of London and have a good old ding-dong Read more.

Crash Landing

As BA reports massive losses, isn’t it time to scrap the airport expansion programme? Read more.

Scrap It

Pay drivers to scrap their cars? We might as well burn ten-pound notes in power stations. Read more.

Andy Harrison Challenged

In the fifth and final interview in the first series of fierce encounters with policy makers, I give the chief executive of easyJet the third degree. Read more.

Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

How did Marxist class warriors end up fighting for the bosses’ right to fly? Read more.

The Open Veins of Wales

Dr Beeching helped turn the country I’ve come to love into an outpost of empire. Now his legacy can be reversed. Read more.

The Other Bail-Out

Another set of corporations is pressing for public money. Governments should let them die. Read more.

Travelling Light

Is the airship a viable alternative to jet travel? Read more.

The Last Straw

A new generation of biofuels turns out to be another environmental disaster Read more.

Fast and Loose

The anti-speed camera campaign is based on junk science. Read more.

An Agricultural Crime Against Humanity

Biofuels could kill more people than the Iraq war. Read more.

Beneath the Pall of Misery, a New Movement Is Born

The climate camp at Heathrow is materially different from protests that have taken place in Britain before. Read more.

What if the Oil Runs Out?

Though the government is planning a massive expansion of transport networks, it has never considered this question. Read more.


We need a global campaign for road safety, but not one controlled by the motor industry. Read more.

Preparing for Take-Off

The government knows that its airport plans will cancel out all its efforts to tackle climate change. Read more.