Category: transport

Ghost Plane

Lobbying results in old and dirty technologies being maintained long beyond their useful life.

Angle of Descent

The justifications for airport expansion turn out to be bogus.

Roads to Ruin

A new road-building programme will drain money from essential services.

Top Dollar

Why is Top Gear, alone among BBC programmes, allowed to keep breaking editorial guidelines?

The Imaginary War

Government ministers have declared an end to hostilities that never begun.

Fast Train to Nowhere?

Before the UK commissions a high speed rail network, we should ask ourselves some big questions.

Crash Landing

As BA reports massive losses, isn’t it time to scrap the airport expansion programme?

Scrap It

Pay drivers to scrap their cars? We might as well burn ten-pound notes in power stations.

Andy Harrison Challenged

In the fifth and final interview in the first series of fierce encounters with policy makers, I give the chief executive of easyJet the third degree.

The Open Veins of Wales

Dr Beeching helped turn the country I’ve come to love into an outpost of empire. Now his legacy can be reversed.

The Other Bail-Out

Another set of corporations is pressing for public money. Governments should let them die.

The Last Straw

A new generation of biofuels turns out to be another environmental disaster

Fast and Loose

The anti-speed camera campaign is based on junk science.